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What to do if You Have a Broken Windshield

Did you know that the majority of claims that are filed to the auto insurance companies are about windshields? The percentage of windshield claims are actually about thirty percent.

If you have been regularly using your car especially if you are using it for work then you may have already experienced at some point a broken windshield. One day you might notice a relatively small chip located in your windshield. You need to have that fixed asap in order to prevent it from getting bigger.

You do not need to experience panic over a broken windshield of course. Read on to learn about the steps in having it fixed.

The first thing that you need to do is phone your insurance company. You need to immediately notify your insurance company about it. Aside from talking to the auto insurance company representative over the phone, you also need to have pictures of your windshield taken. If your windshield was broken because of rocks that are found on the road then this is considered to be a no-fault in your coverage. This means that you will have no deduction in your insurance rate.

You also need to review your insurance policy to see if you have included comprehensive coverage in it.

Next comes the filing of the claim to the company from whom you have bought auto insurance. Before you do this you need to be ready first with the proper information and the pictures too of the broken windshield. This is called the auto glass claim. The method by which you file will be dependent on the channels that are available to your insurance company. You can file through the phone, through a smart device or even online.

Next is you have to keep in mind that there are some scams involved in the repairing of the windshield. There are people who were scammed when they are about to have their windshield fixed. In order to avoid such scams what you can do is to avoid talking to people who tell you about rebates on your repair. You can also inquire from the insurance company about their affiliated repair shops.

Next step is to have the windshield fixed. For this you can choose to go to the recommended shop by the insurance company or you can choose one that you know does great work.

After your windshield if fixed then you do the thing needed to have your reimbursement. You need to present a receipt if you chose your own repair shop.